Finally,…. Migrated to

While I was going through my email after a week, I found a mail from the Windows Live Team. It states that Windows Live Space blog is getting migrated to At first, I was excited; however, for a minute, I thought of keeping a backup copy of all my posts. The migration window provides an option for keeping a backup copy of your entire blog. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a backup of my old blog (due to some issues)Sad smile.

The migration seems to be completed successfully without any issue. My new blog address is . The only problem is that the formatting of my blog is no more applicable. I have added a little SQL scripts in some of my earlier blog posts, which are now not formatted properly, thus, un-readable. Sad smile

Normally, I used Windows Live Writer to write blog post, wordpress seems to support the same, however, I need to check with the WordPress support team regarding the formatting issue and available writer for my blog. Hope, this formatting issue can be fixed, else need to re-write some of my posts Sad smile. I am going to check with my friends who are currently using wordpress for their blogs.

Hope, I will get a easy workaround for the same.Smile


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