Installation of SQL Server Enterprise Edition on Windows XP

I may be the last person to write about it; but yes, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition can be installed on a client OS like Windows XP/Vista/7 etc. Many times, when I saw a post in the MSDN forums on SQL Server installation issues, I normally validate the following components are installed before proceeding further:

  • Dot Net Framework 3.5
  • MDAC version 2.8 or above
  • Windows Installer 4.5 or above

However, while answering the following post on MSDN, I came to know that SQL Server Enterprise Edition can be installed on Client OS, thank to Alex Feng (blog); however, its not a supported platform. It is advisable to install a SQL Server Developer edition on a client machine. To test the same, I have created a virtual machine running with Windows XP Professional with SP3. I am able to install the SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition on it. Here is a screen-shot of the version from the new VM:


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