Knowledge + Networking = #SQLSat116

The 1st SQL Saturday (#saqsat116) in India was organized on 7th January, 2012.  Ten SQL Sessions on two different tracks and a SQL Clinic with a lot of SQL Enthusiastic attendees, makes the event remarkable. While people travelled from different parts of India to attend this event, the waiting-list candidates reached the venue much before to confirm their entries to the event. The registration process was started at 9am and within next 45 minutes; almost everyone got registered and moved to their respective tracks. Thanks to Vinod Kumar (b|t) for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the registration process, and to share the registration booth with @simplymanas, @kamaleshrao, @blakhani was a great experience. The un-official name of the main track was Pinal Dave’s track, most of the attendees mentioned the same during the registration process.

The first session I attended was BI in Denali by Karan Gulati (t) in Practical track. He was discussing about the new features introduced in the next version of SQL Server. All the demos of the session are based on SQL Server 2012 RC0.

The second session was Demystifying SQL Server Memory Dumps by Amit Banerjee(b|t). During this session, Amit demonstrated how to read the SQL Server Memory Dumps using WinDbg and Public Symbols. It was a great learning experience and not to forget: Kolaveri Di!!!.

Post lunch I moved to Signature Building, to attend the third session SQL Server Performance Tips & Tricks by Pinal Dave(b|t).  No Index,  Clustered Index, Non-clustered Index,  NULL, Bit, Column Store Index were some of the key take away from the session.

The next session was on Security with SQL Server-Discovering Pitfalls by the master, Vinod Kumar(b|t).  Securityadmin / Sysadmin, non-usage of sa account in application, Separation of Duties, were some of the most important take-away from his session. Question Of the Day: When GRANT overrides DENY in SQL Server?

Next session was on Always On Unplugged by Balmukund Lakhani (b|t). He discussed about Availability Group, a new feature introduced with the next release of SQL Server, SQL Server 2012. Availability group is a new feature with SQL Server 2012, where a principal database can have multiple mirror databases and the mirror database can be readable. Another advantage of availability group is we can failover multiple databases at once to a different instance.

The last session of the day was Basic Performance Tips & Gotchas  by Rick Morelan (b|t). I never saw a better example of Cluster Indexes, than the one he showed during his session. Index, Cluster Index, Non-cluster index, Fill factor, Seek & Scan were some of the points which were addressed during his presentation.

1st SQL Saturday Speakers

Along with these wonderful sessions, there were goodies for everyone which includes

  • A 7-day free online learning subscription from PluralSight
  • SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers book by Vinod Kumar & Pinal Dave

Did I mention about the Book signing ceremony? Well, almost everyone got their book singed by the authors, including me 😉

It was a wonderful event and the memory will last forever 🙂


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9 Responses to Knowledge + Networking = #SQLSat116

  1. Vinod Kumar says:

    Thanks SK for the recap !!! We look forward to the support from the community anyday. You are the folks who complete the event and make it memorable. Thanks for taking the extra mile in helping us in organizing the same.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the event! We had lots of fun presenting. And thank you very much for volunteering!! 🙂

  3. blakhani says:

    I must say that it was memorable event. Always nice to meet SQL Users in person. Hope to see more such events. Volunteers were backbone behind success of the event.

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