Installing SQL Server 2012

One of the new feature with SQL Server 2012 is that it can be installed on a Server core machine. For the first time I am installing SQL Server  2012 on a Server core machine. I am using the configuration file from the existing RC0 deployment, which I did earlier. As a matter of fact, Server core doesn’t support all the available feature of SQL Server. For a complete list of supported features set, click here. Here are two articles on how to  Configuring a Server Core Machine and Adding an additional disk to the Server core machine.

My existing Server core machine is running on a VM with 1 vCPU and 4GB of RAM. I had to modify the default configuration file to complete the installation, e.g. disabled the UIMODE parameter, set the parameter QUIET as True and QUIETSIMPLE as False, etc. After modifying the configuration file, I have copied both the configuration file and setup file to the Temp folder on the destination server. I have saved the below script with .ps1 extension and executed it using Windows PowerShell. Here is the setup script, I have used for the installation:

#  SQL Server 2012 Setup Command  #

# The Base Command for unattend installation of SQL Server 2012

# Define Variables
$SetupLocation = "D:\Setup.exe"
# Provide the Database Engine Service Account Password
$SQLSVCPASSWORD = "xxxxxxxx"
# Provide the SQL Agent Service Account Password
$AGTSVCPASSWORD = "xxxxxxxx"
# Provide the SA Password
$SAPWD = "xxxxxxxx"

$ConfigFileLocation = "c:\TEMP\SQLConfig.ini"

# Change the current folder location to C:\Temp
Set-Location "c:\TEMP"

# To start the SQL Server Installation


To start the installation, log on to the Server core machine with an account with required permission to start the SQL Server setup. If you saved the script as a batch file, make sure to adjust the variables used in the script. After I log on to the server, I started windows PowerShell and enter the following command: .\SetupSQL.ps1 StartingSQLSetup

After the installation is completed, I am able to connect to the instance using SSMS. You can download the configuration file used during this installation. Happy Learning Smile


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