A Recap of SQL Server Day

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to attend the SQL Server Day event in Bangalore, organized by SQLServerGeeks.com. Three great sessions, with over 100 SQL enthusiastic were making it a perfect event. The event was started with a small presentation about SQLServerGeeks.com by Amit Bansal(b|t). The first technical session was on Introduction to SQL Azure by Nikhil. This was the first time, I was attending a SQL Azure session, and it was really very informative. It was really a great session, and there was a long QnA about SQL Azure. Thanks to Nikhil for answering all the questions.

    • When you create a database in SQL Azure, two additional replica of the same database is also created on a different node.
    • SQL Agent and CLR is not supported.

The next session was on Indirect Checkpoint in SQL Server 2012 by Parikshit Savjani(b|t). He discussed about how the checkpoint happens in current version of SQL Server and how indirect checkpoint may help in certain scenarios.

    • Indirect Checkpoint is turned off by default in SQL Server 2012, and we have to enable it on the database, by using ALTER DATABASE statement. It is a database level setting.
    • While indirect checkpointing is enabled, no pages are flushed, while a checkpoint occurs.
    • Recovery time of a database should be predictable and guaranteed

The last session of the day was by Amit Bansal on Performance troubleshooting: Query Waits & Statistics. The session was completely demo based and Amit demonstrated how to troubleshoot certain performance issues. As always, the session was very informative.

Most of the attendees got some goodies by the end of the event, I too manage to get a SQL Server 2012 Laptop sticker. Overall, it was a great learning experience.

Disaster Recovery is required; however Backup is a must”

The next two events will be happening in Kolkata and Mumbai, for more information, click here. Looking forward to the next SQL Server Day event.


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  1. sudhir says:

    very useful post … sql dba

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