Last two days @ TechED 2012

As the closing of Day2 in TechED 2012 in Bangalore, I thought of summarizing my experience and learning about the event.

Day 1 (Wednesday, 21st March, 2012)

Manas (@simplymanas) and I started early in the morning, and reached at The Lalit Ashok around 8:00AM. The first person, we met after completing the registration process was Sahal (@GetExchange). Then we met, SQL PASS Regional Mentor, Jacob Sebastian (b|t). Although I had attended TechEd last year, however, this time, I had an opportunity to meet him. Manas, Sahal and I had some nice discussion with him about both SQL & Non-SQL. Later we met SQL Experts Tejas Shah (@tejasnshah) and Nakul Vachhrajani (@nakulv_sql). Before the keynote, we met Pinal Dave (@pinaldave) and Balmukund Lakhani (@Blakhani). A few minutes later, we all moved to the Kalinga Hall for the Keynote session. IMG_3045

# Keynote

The first Keynote speaker of the day was Mr. Sanket Akerkar, Managing Director, Microsoft India. Windows 8, Same experience across the devices, MetroUI, System on a Chip, Synchronization of state of the data across devices are some of the key take away from his keynote. There were some super cool demos on Microsoft’s Surface, and Synchronization of the state of the data (Kinect + Windows 8 + Phone + Azure). The second keynote speaker of the day was Mr. Bernardo Caldas, General Manager, Windows and Windows Live. He mentioned that there are more than 1 Billion users used Windows worldwide and Windows8 Consumer preview had 1 Billion download within 24 hours of Public announcement. There was some nice demo on Windows 8 during the keynote. Day 1 TechED 2012

# Data and Developer – Synergy with SQL Server

Not sure how to write, but I think it was the most awaiting tracks in Day1 at TechEd 2012, India. Before the start time of the first session by Jacob Sir, the room was completely full. And it was never empty, till the last session. Many SQL Enthusiastic attended all the sessions, even if they didn’t get a sit.

The first session was on T-SQL Rediscovered with SQL Server 2012, by Jacob Sir. He explained about new functions available with SQL Server 2012 along with the demos:

    • CONCAT
    • IIF
    • FORMAT
    • THROW

The second session was by Mr. Praveen Srivatsa on Catapult your data with SQL Server 2012 Integration Service. Some of the key take away from his sessions are:

    • Data Quality Service (DQS) cleans the data
    • Data Quality Service is a knowledge driven data cleansing solution
    • DQS supports both cleansing and matching of the data

After the second session, there was a break for lunch. Post lunch, when Manas & I returned to the Siddhartha – 2, we saw the room is already full before 20 minutes of the schedule start time. The third session is on Processing Big Data with SQL Server 2012 and Hadoop by Stephen Forte. It was a complete new topic for me. The session was fully demo based on Hadoop and SQL Server 2012. He also talked about Column store index, a new feature with SQL Server 2012. Column-store index is created on a data warehouse table, and it keeps the table in Read-Only mode. You have to disabled the Column-store index to insert new data. SQL Sessions on Day 1

Next was, the most awaited session of the day by the masters; Vinod Kumar and Pinal Dave on SQL Server Misconception and Resolutions – A Practical Perspective.The session was completely demo based and there was a slide in the presentation, which displayed all the features available with SQL Server. Some of the key take away are: 

    • Cluster Index does not order the data by default
    • Cluster Index orders the data if an ORDER BY clause is used
    • The precision for SMALLDATETIME datatype is 30 seconds
    • Cluster Index does not store the data Physically on the page
    • The Transaction log file size can grow for a database, while the database is in Simple Recovery Model.

The last session of the day was on Securing with Contained-DB in SQL Server 2012 by Pranab Mazumdar. Contained database is a new feature available with SQL Server 2012 and as of now support only Partial Contained database. There were some demos on how to configure the same. More on this later.

# Demo Extravaganza

The demo extravaganza started in the Kalinga Hall, and there were some great demos by Vinod, Ram. Vinod demonstrated about 10 cool tips about Office suite and Ram’s demo was on Windows 8. DemoExtravaganzaDay1

Here is a picture with the SQL Community in TechEd 2012, India: SQL Community Rocks !!!

End of day 1, great learning and Networking experience.

Day 2 (Thursday, 22nd March, 2012)

Just wonder, how #twitter integrates so many technologists together. We had a discussion yesterday, that people know each other by their #twitter accounts. It’s a fact. As soon as we reach the venue, we met Vinod Sir and Pinal Sir near Pluralsight booth. Sahal joined us in a moment, then we took some nice pics.  Day2WithVinodnPinalSir

# Keynote

The keynote was presented by Mr. Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director, Microsoft R&D, India. Some of the key take away from his keynotes were:

    • Quality Enablement is the future.
    • Visual Studio 11 is a premium tool for Agile development
    • Cloud is optimized for every Business
    • System Center 2012 helps in deliver IT as a Service
    • Can disabled certain functionality of the mobile devices using System Center Configuration Manager (System Center 2012)

# Sessions

After the keynote, I spend sometimes in the Product booths and later I moved to attend a session on System Center 2012: How it enables Building Private Cloud by Symon Perriman. Later, I attended a couple of sessions on Windows 8, mostly because, all the other tracks were Full!!!  InProductBooths

# Demo Extravaganza

There were some demos on Windows Phone, SQL Server (Column Store Index and Spatial Database by Pinal Sir). DemoX2 That completes Day 2 in TechED 2012. Big day, is the last day as Five SQL Sessions on the Know your Data – A Day in Life of a DBA is coming up. Need some sleep now, big day is going to start in next few hours.


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5 Responses to Last two days @ TechED 2012

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  2. babula says:

    hi ,
    how to check that the TechED is going on is there any link

  3. vijay says:

    Hi Sudeepta,

    I also attended the tech ed 2012 and it was great experience. But I was not able to attend all the sessions as they were conducted in parallel. I have not received any login id and password information. I have already mailed this to tech ed mail id, but no response from them. Do you know how can I watch other recorded sessions available on
    thanks in advance,

    • Hello Vijay,
      The recording may be available on a later date on the TechED website.
      Will update you if I heard anything on that.
      Just for a record, I too didn’t receive the login details 😉

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