Recap SysInternals session #ReLiveTechEdIN

An event, organized by BangaloreITPro & BDotNet user groups on 7th of April,2012, #ReLiveTechEdIN, was indeed a great event to be part of. As mentioned in my previous post, the first session was on Understanding Windows with Sysinternal Tools, which was presented by Vinod Kumar (b|t). The session was about the usage of various sysinternal tools, which can be useful while troubleshooting issues related to Windows operating System. The sysinternal tools can be downloaded from here or can be access online from here. The below are my notes from the session.

The first tool on the list was PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs) tool, which is a free tool and can be downloaded from codeplex site. It helps in analyzing the Performance log generated by PerfMon using a set of predefined thresholds. Thresholds files for most of the Microsoft’s Products is included in the tool. It analyzed the perf log and provides a detailed information about the system.

The second tool was LogMan. LogMan is a command-line version of the tool PerfMon. Like PerfMon, you can create new data collector, add new counters, create/start/stop trace from the command prompt. You can also use it in a script to collect performance data of a system.

The third tool was VMMap, which is Virtual and Physical memory analysis utility. During the demo of VMMap, Vinod Sir asked a question: What is the difference between Virtual Size, Private Bytes and Working Set? In case you know the answer, you can send your answer by tweets to Vinod Sir (@vinodk_sql).

The next tool was Process Explorer. It is indeed an advanced version of the existing tool, Task Manager. You can find a lot of additional information from Process Explorer. There is also a way to replace the task manager with Process Explorer. To do that, Open Process Explorer, Go to Option and Select Replace Task Manager. Next time, when you will open Task Manager, Process Explorer will open automatically.

Apart from the above four tool, Vinod Sir also demonstrated Resource Monitor, which is available in the Task Manager.

As I am new to most of these tools, it is going to take time, to understand, how these tools work? You can also refer the book, Windows Internals, to know more about these sysinternal tools.

Here is a pictorial preview of the complete event #ReLiveTechEDIN. ReLiveTechEdIN

Happy Learning Smile


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  1. blakhani says:

    Nice! Thanks Sudeepta!

  2. Nice, surely makes me feel – Yup have been listening with lot of care !!!. Thanks for the neat compilation.

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