Learning, Networking and Community Contribution Award

As of now, 2012 is proven to be great year for me from Learning and Networking prospective. Not only I had an opportunity to attend some of the finest events, but also able to meet many SQL Experts. The first event of this year was SQLSaturday 116 on 7th January, 2012. What an event it was!!! It was a great opportunity for me, to be a part of such an event, Thanks to Vinod and Pinal Sir for giving that opportunity. In case you were unable to attend this event, here is a link on the same.

A few months later, March 21st – 23rd, 2012, I was able to attend the largest Technical event in Bangalore; Microsoft’s TechED 2012. One of biggest event in this part of the world, it was an wonderful opportunity for me to meet MVPs, and other SQL Experts. This is the second time I was attending Microsoft’s TechED; so this time the focus was not only on the sessions, but also to meet the other SQL Experts. You can read more about it here.

On 7th April, 2012, the BangaloreITPro and BDotNet user group organized an event for the UG members. In this event, SQL Server Experts Vinod Kumar had presented two of the best sessions of TechED 2012: Understanding Windows with Sysinternal Tools and Peeling the Onion: SQL Server Internal Demystified. Both of these sessions were a full house during TechED, and many people are unable to get inside. On the request from many UG members, Vinod Sir took these two sessions in the UG meet. In case, you missed this one too, here is a link for your reference.

This morning, while I was checking my mail, I saw the below mail from Microsoft stating that I have received the Microsoft’s Community Contributor Award for the year 2012. MCC_mail

A big thanks to all the community members, without whom, it might not be possible. Thank you, Microsoft for this award.

Friends, if you are in Bangalore, try to attend these events. The amount of information you receive in these events and the opportunity you have to meet the Industry experts are phenomenal.

Happy Learning Smile


About Sudeepta Ganguly

A SQL Server User... Still Learning
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17 Responses to Learning, Networking and Community Contribution Award

  1. blakhani says:

    Congrats Sudeepta. Award tells the contributions you made to help community.

  2. Congrats Sudeepta. Now, we want to see you speak at these events! Good luck.

  3. stpraveen1 says:

    Many Congratulations Sir !!!

  4. Sandip Pani says:

    Congratulation Sudeepta.

  5. Paras Doshi says:

    Congrats! Welcome to the MCC club!

  6. Dhanesh says:

    Congrats Sudeepta!

  7. Sunil Kumar S says:

    Congratulations Sudeepta for your efforts.

  8. Sahal Omer says:

    Hello my dear friend, i didn’t know this.. Excellent! Good recognition for your attitude towards community… keep it going, as Ravi said, start speaking also…Rock

  9. Thanks Sahal for your kind words. That’s a long way to go, I am still learning 🙂

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