Rebuild MSDB Database

I had accidentally deleted the transaction log file of msdb database on a newly installed SQL Server 2008 R2 instance yesterday, while I was removing the old tempdb files. Although I normally copy the system database files prior removing the tempdb files from the default location, I missed it this time. When I connect to the instance, I received the following error: MSDB_FailedtoConnect

I searched in Books Online and found this article about Rebuilding System Databases, which helps in rebuild the msdb database.

Steps to Follows

  1. Stop all the SQL Server services & start the command prompt with elevated administrative privilege & execute the following command:
  2. Once you start the SQL Server with trace flag 3608, you will be able to detach the msdb database. To do that, execute the following command in SQLCMD mode:
    SQLCMD -E -S DBS03 -dmaster -Q"EXEC sp_detach_db msdb"
  3. Rename the msdb data file, and execute the instmsdb.sql file from the install folder, as shown below:
    SQLCMD -E -S DBS03 -i"E:\SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Install\instmsdb.sql" -o"E:\instmsdb.out"
  4. Review the instmsdb.out for any errors and re-apply the service packs.
  5. Stop the SQL Server.
  6. Start the SQL Server normally


Since I was able to connect to the instance without any error, I stopped the SQL Server instance and copy all the system databases files. Later I restarted the SQL Server Agent and the instance was online.

Hope, this may help someone, Happy Learning Smile


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  1. Sahal Omer says:

    Nice post bro, shared very simple

  2. tj says:

    Great post..thank you

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