Hyper-V Exam: My Learning

Earlier, in June, 2012, I had an opportunity to attend a full day event on “Jump Start to Windows 2008 R2 Virtualization Exam 70-659” organized by BangaloreITPro user group & Microsoft. I received a free exam voucher for the certification exam 70-659: Windows Server 2008 R2: Server Virtualization”, as I answered one of question during the event.

How did I Prepare?

As advised during the event by most of the speakers, I started watching the following three modules on Microsoft Virtual Academy . It’s a must watch for people, who wants to learn about Hyper-V. There are 12 videos in the following three modules & if you are new to Hyper-V / Virtualization, you will find it as very helpful.

While I was looking for a preparation guide for the certification exam, I was landed on the following post by Keith Mayer, “The Study Guide” for the certification exam 70-659. I suggest, you should have a look on this guide, it has all the information you need for your exam preparation.

Security & Authorization Manager (Azman): humm.. Again a web search, and I found a series of post by John Howard, Senior Program Manager, Hyper-V. A six part series, covers in detail about Authorization Manager in Hyper-V.

Build a test lab for practice all the features. Its always better to have a hands-on experience on how to perform certain operations. Get as much hands-on as possible, there is absolutely no replacement to that. I had spend a few hours everyday on my lab environment to practice the features (although I was not able perform every task Winking smile). Talk to friends/colleagues, who are working on virtualization platform. They can provide some additional valuable input.

Watch Out

You need to look out for the following features while reading:
  • New features & functionality with Windows 2008 R2 and with Windows 2008 R2 SP1
  • Pass-through disk & disk size limitation on various types of disks
  • Hyper-V & SCVMM PowerShell Cmdlets
  • Types of Network adapters (4 legacy and 8 synthetic Network adapters are supported)
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2
  • RDS Services

All The Best

I have cleared my exam on 4th September, 2012. SCVMM gave a real surprise to me. There were some scenarios, which I had never came across earlier. Incase you are using a setup with one single machine (like me), you can not perform certain actions, e.g. Live Migration. So make sure, you watch the above jumpstart series videos, specially the Management series. My friend Sahal had written a post about his learning on the JumpStart event, you can read it here.  For more information, check out the Hyper-V Survival Guide, which has a ton of resources on Hyper-V.

I wish you, all the very best for your certification exam.

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Happy Learning Smile


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