SQL Server is consuming more than 17000 handles !!!

Well, these days, this is a topic of discussion most of the time & when this evening I encountered this again, I thought of writing this post for my future reference. While analysing a slow performance issue on a server, a Windows colleague reported that ‘SQLServr.exe is using more than 17000 handles which is causing the server slowness. I am sure most of us, have faced this issue at some point in time.

Over the past few years, I refer to the following blog post, which provides a nice explanation around troubleshooting handle leak issue. According to the above reference post, SQL Server service may consumes 30,000 handles on a 32-bit platform while the exception limit is 50,000 handles on a 64-bit platform. Apart from that, the post also demonstrate how to identify such problems using Sysinternals tools. As always, I have shared the reference article with my colleague and informed him that the SQL Server handle usage is within limit & suggested him to look into other area. Hope, we’ll get a fix for this issue Winking smile.

Happy Learning Smile !!!


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